Taknek design and manufacture custom robotics and automation solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Increasingly, the food and beverage industry is faced with demands for safe and healthy products, from both Federal regulators and from consumers. Other issues, such as logistics, quality control, delivery and distribution all influence profitability within the market.  

Combined with rising costs and increased competition from low-cost manufacturers’ overseas, many professionals within the food sector are now seeking more efficient solutions to their production processes.

Automated systems provide an effective strategy for manufacturers to streamline their production processes and reduce costs, whilst maintaining efficiency and profitability. Integrating an automated system within your production line can solve many of the issues facing the food and beverage industry.

  • Vision systems: Inspects the product to verify that the it conforms with the required specifications. Typical defects that can be detected are expiry dates, barcodes, orientation of label, label, presence or absence of items and labels, dimensions, product orientation, contaminants, reposition items for filling, defects and , that the packaging is correct – along with a host of other production line issues. In addition, fruit and vegetables can be inspected for ripeness, size, blemishes and defects.
  • Packaging and palletising: Used for wrapping, case packing and assembly, pallet loading and unloading. A highly flexible system, simple to integrate new packaging designs, multiple pack sizes and product variants.
  • Special purpose machines: Designed to suit specific manufacturer’s requirements, these custom designed machines can be easily integrated within existing production lines. A fully automated system with special machinery can also be designed.

Automated conveyor systems can solve all your labelling, filling, counting, checking, packaging and packing problems. Designed to add flexibility, automated systems lend themselves well to changes in packaging, labelling, market trends and demand fluctuations. The modular stainless steel components (for hygienic conveyors) combine to create the same innovative solutions as the more common (aluminium) systems, including accumulation and elevation systems.

To know in detail, how our solutions can help food and beverage industry, feel free to contact us.

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