The fast globalization of the Pulp & Paper industry implies a growing demand for advancement of overall operations. To get to the end product with the quality the end user demands, the papermaking process requires sophisticated controls from raw material to finish. Our customers need this process to be done in the most economical way possible, with production speeds matching the market’s demands. We respond to your increasing production and quality demands by developing and applying innovative quality control and process control solutions designed specifically for you.

Taknek has brought automated solutions for the pulp and paper industry.  No matter what your business goals are, our highly effective yet economical solutions can enhance the performance and efficiency of your business.

Taknek provide pulp and paper companies cost effective solutions that can meet pulp and paper requirements in the paper converting, food and beverage industry and in plastics, etc.

Taknek has provided various leading companies pulp and paper solutions across all industries. To know more about our solutions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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