Mouse Mat Automated Manufacturing Machine

Green Engineering Services is specialized in the designing of special purpose machines for customized tasks. Custom designed machines can be integrated within any existing automated systems or can be a standalone system. The Green Engineering Services team have the capacity to produce both the design and manufacture of the special purpose machine to improve automation capabilities from project commencement through to installation and commissioning.

Specialized in the following applications of special purpose machines

  • High speed packaging and processing systems
  • Assembly, testing and inspection processes
  • Servo-turn tables and orientation systems
  • Rotary welding and cutting processes
  • Gripper systems
  • Process assistance
  • Specialized pallet wrapping machines
  • Cutting of plastics, fiberglass, aluminum and steel
  • Milling operations and machine tending
  • Hydraulic based systems
  • Product testing machines
  • Proprietary medical devices
  • Bottle handling and packaging systems

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